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Welcome to My Traveling Owl, your go-to destination for crafting personalized cruises and vacations for couples, families, including multi-generational travel, and groups. Our travel agency bases our expertise on first hand experiences. We have personally traveled aboard almost thirty cruises and visited numerous countries and islands on those cruises.  We have also spent a great deal of time traveling and exploring the United States, including its beautiful National Parks as well as big cities like Las Vegas, Nashville and NYC, to name a few.  In addition to our experience, our agency has earned certifications and established strong partnerships with top travel partners, granting our travelers exclusive access to a diverse range of travel accommodations and activities. Our commitment to excellence extends to specialized travel needs, including gluten-free and accessible travel, ensuring that every traveler can explore the world comfortably. It is our true passion to soar and sail around the globe. We can't wait to show you how easy it is to travel under the guidance of a professional!

Get ready to embark on extraordinary adventures across the globe with My Traveling Owl!

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Offers custom vacation options for couples, families and groups
Works with you to understand your needs and goals
Saves travelers time and stress while planning valuable vacations
One helpful and knowledgeable point of contact for all travel needs
Coordinates travel details and only shares important travel updates
Offers guidance for travelers who need in-destination service

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